Who says you have to go all the way to Europe to get European produce? In today’s international world, fruits and vegetables originally from Europe are grown right here in North America. This means we can bring you local and fresh produce that fit into European recipes and diets.

Giant supermarkets often have to ship in produce that has been picked before ripening, and trucked thousands of miles to reach your table. We believe in the old European ways. We strive to bring you local produce that has been hand-picked when ripe during the best growing season. We maintain strong relationships with local farmers, who give us the freshest produce all-year round. This means that you will find more fresh, high-quality and seasonal produce at our store.

We offer an affordable, year-round range of local and international organic produce

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Monday – Saturday:
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Customers interested in organic produce will find a comprehensive selection for their daily needs.

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Our fresh produce is varied, high-quality and often locally produced. We take pride in our local connections while maintain our international outlook.

We also carry a wide variety of international imports. Our imported food is always quality-checked to the highest standard and allows us to give you the best of both worlds. At Bathurst Village Market we offer a wide selection of exotic, rare and European produce. Our diverse collection means our customers can enjoy many different cuisines without having to travel across the world.

Visit us to shop a selection of produce and goods unlike any other supermarket. The Bathurst Village Market is the place to find your staples, while exploring new varieties and products.

If you have any questions about our current menu, or you would like to find out what our daily specials are, please call us on

(416) 650-0684