Not so long ago, each community had its own fishmonger that expertly gutted and filleted fresh fish for the town. Today, we have become accustomed to buying fish frozen in plastic bags and chopped into bite-size pieces. But that’s not how it has to be! Our fishmonger offers an unmatched selection of locally- and internationally-caught fresh fish.

We also offer seasonal varieties of fish. This means that you will find a variety of fresh fish from around the world. Choose from the bounties of the sea. Our knowledgeable team is available on hand to guide your selection. We can also help you select the best marinade, seasoning and spices for your fish. Leave it to us to select the perfect combination for your type of fish and taste preference. The combination of fresh fish and a balanced marinade makes your life easier. At home, all you have to do is sear or oven bake the fish to perfection, and dinner is ready.

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Whether you like it fresh, smoked, dry or salted, we offer something to tickle your fancy.

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Fish is a quintessential part of almost all European cuisine. From herring in a fur coat to Bouillabaise fish soup, no European country is without a fish specialty.

We regularly carry mackerel, levaterus, vobla, salmon, crab, lobster and more. But the crowd favourite is our herring. Our fishmonger carefully prepares the herring by cleaning the fish and slicing it. It is ready for you to enjoy, without the hassle of the tedious preparation.

Our fishmonger wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t serve up a few delicacies as well. That’s why we carry both red and black fresh caviar. Our caviar is high-quality and affordable, and perfect for that special occasion.

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